The Cancéropôle GSO devotes part of its budget to encourage the emergence of new projects, models or tools, consortium and collaboration by financing (3 to 20 k €) the development of feasibility studies for innovative projects and scientific risk-taking . The overall objective is to serve as a springboard for obtaining more funding (INCA national PAAs in particular).

4 categories are open in 2018 within the Emergence call for projects:

  • Emergence of projects

20k € max, the objective is to validate the first stages of a project or a feasibility study.

  • Emergence of models and tools

20k € max, the objective is to support the development of innovative models and tools with a technical focus, ranging from biological models (patient models will be privileged) to modeling and data processing (mathematics, computing, etc.). ) related to cancer and to make it available to the GSO community.

  • Emergence of consortium

New in 2018, € 20k max, the aim is to encourage the development of multi-team projects within the GSO which, before applying for national calls for projects, must have preliminary data that value the complementarity of their skills.

  • Emergence of collaboration (Axis 4 only)

€ 3k max, the goal is to organize the meeting of research teams to build a project.

2018 Calendar (online submission)

• Launch date: February 5th, 2018
• Closing date: March 8th, 2018 at noon
• Publication of results: end of May 2018

All information: