Depending on the selected support process (classic or fast-track), candidates will have access to a more or less developed process. The classic process is detailed below. For the accelerated one (3 months), the process will be reduced to a single coaching session and a possible hearing by the International MATWIN Board.

MATWIN support is open throughout the year. Interested candidates (academic teams or start-ups) enroll in the program by submitting an application. The program is now open to European applicants if they can prove that they have collaboration with French partners (academic team or company).

Classic process stages (6 months):

Each stage of the process is selective. Only the best projects will ultimately have the opportunity to be presented to the MATWIN International Board.

Preselection pitches :

Once the application file has been submitted to MATWIN, the project is pre-selected for a pitch presentation in front of a multidisciplinary jury meeting in November.

The projects selected by the experts will then be submitted to the MATWIN International Board members (on the basis of the application file), who will be the ones deciding which projects can be included in the programme.

The written comments of the MATWIN Board members will be sent to all applicants by end of January.

On the basis of experts assessments, projects are invited or not to continue the process (coaching) for a possible presentation at the MATWIN International Board meeting at the end of the process. Projects are not competing against each other, only intrinsic value and development potential are taken into account.

The pre-selection pitches take place in Paris in November every year!

Composition of the pre-selection jury:Composition of the pre-selection jury:


Written International Board’s review :

The pre-selected candidates will have their file sent to the members of the International MATWIN Board. Candidates will receive written feedback from each member, real added value in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the project.

Coaching sessions :

2 individual work sessions are organized to optimize projects’ structuring / industrial orientation and their presentation. Technology transfer offices are associated and included in the process. They are invited to participate in every working session organized by MATWIN next to the project leaders to benefit from the feedback.

Development Plan Review

Driven by innovation specialists  and experts in preclinical and clinical development, this work session addresses the project’s background and allows to optimize its structure and industrial orientation. This session aims at supporting projects leaders in their valorization approach.
It takes place once a year in February/March in Paris with 2 coaches selected according to the type of project.

Training for the Board meeting audition

This second work session aims at preparing the project leader for his interview by the MATWIN International Board strengthened by the 1st session contributions. Experts speakers bring their expertise to optimize the project presentation. This session is in a real condition format (in English, in front of 2 cocaches) to reflect the MATWIN Board interview.
By end of the two coaching sessions, the coaches will select the 6 best projects that will be interviewed by the prestigious MATWIN Board.
It takes place once a year in April in Paris.
Marie-Pierre CHEVALIER
Stéphane LOZE
Carole NEVES

MATWIN Board interview :

Selected applicants submit their projects in front of the MATWIN International Board. This unique in Europe committee auditions the projects and labels those with the highest industrial development transfer potential. This committee’s feedback represents a significant added value for the project development.

After presenting to the Board, candidates may initiate discussions with certain members, or any other actor of the ecosystem (Biotechs, investors …) likely to collaborate on the development of the project. Auditioned projects will be monitored by the Board.