OUI (Oncology Upward Investment) showcase

OUI (Oncology Upward Investment) showcase is an event that takes place during the MEET2WIN European Oncology Partnering Convention


OUI Showcase offers to young companies (creation ≤ 5-year) with an innovative product or solution in oncology and, at least a business model hypothesis, to increase their fundraising opportunities. Following a call for applications, selected companies by the investors panel have the opportunity to be showcased to a panel of ± 15 main European investors (BAs network, pre-seed and seed funds, venture capital firms, etc.), in the oncology field. If selected, you will have access to:

  • OUI showcase session: About 10 companies, preselected by the investor’s panel, are invited to pitch their project at the OUI Showcase event organised in May 2024 during the MEET2WIN Convention. Each pitch is followed by a discussion period with the panel members. Investors and companies can pursue the discussion during the B2B meetings period during the MEET2WIN event.
    • Personalised coaching beforehand: In order to increase the quality and impact of their pitch, the 10 selected companies benefit from a 1-hour individual coaching to help them refine the structure of their pitch, improve their speaking skills and improve their slide deck before the showcase session.

To apply, please visit MEET2WIN event dedicated website, “PITCHES” tab: