Since its creation, MATWIN relies on a large network of public and private partners all committed to develop oncology innovation.


Large pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies are involved in this original programme since its creation. Their ambitious challenge is to ensure a public-private partnership within oncology innovation and to highlight French research excellence in this area.

Fourteen international major groups (Amgen, AstraZeneca, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Exact Sciences, Gilead, GlaxoSmithKline, Janssen, Nanostring Technologies, Novartis, Pfizer, Pierre Fabre, Roche, Sanofi) are now part of the MATWIN adventure and are actively involved in the programme. Thanks to their support, MATWIN offers them access to a national showcase of oncology R&D in France.

A partners Club gathering french representatives of MATWIN’s industrial partners meets once a year to :

  • Help identifying industrial experts for projects’ assessments

  • Ensure the connection with the MATWIN International Board member’s representative

  • Evaluate MATWIN’s process as a whole

Group Partner Club Representative Function
AMGEN To be nominated
ASTRAZENECA Marisol Urbieta Oncology Medical director
BOEHRINGER Arnaud Bedin Medical director
BMS Nicolas Ozan Medical director Oncology
EXACT SCIENCES Younes Mahi Medical Director
GILEAD Dan Tovar Senior Medical Director Cell Therapy
GSK Naima Kerbouche Medical Manager Oncology
JANSSEN Alain Miara Strategic Alliances director
NANOSTRING TECHNOLOGIES Pascale Morel Senior Director Medical Affairs
NOVARTIS Lamia Boudiaf Oncology Medical director
PFIZER Olivia Bussod Strategic Alliances
PIERRE FABRE Anna Kruczynski Head External Innovation Oncology
ROCHE To be nominated
SANOFI Sadek Krouri Oncology Strategic Alliances director


This partnership is in direct line with the group’s development strategy, of which one-third of the products that will pass from preclinical to clinical development in 2018 are in oncology. With its unique expertise, both industrial and academic, MATWIN allows us to identify innovative projects upstream. By taking this position, we aim to accelerate the prospects for treatments and diagnoses for patients.

Nadine Karam, Director Medical Affairs, Specialty care BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM

Oncology and hematological malignancies are one of our five therapeutic priorities. It’s also MATWIN’s fight. It was therefore fitting that we should be involved side by side, at the highest level, through the presence of Robert Radinsky, our Global Vice President for Global Cancer Research. This partnership allows us to have access to early preclinical projects from all over France. Ideally to conclude partnerships but also to increase the influence of France within the group Johnson & Johnson …

Alain Miara, Strategic Partnerships Manager, JANSSEN

Joining the ranks of MATWIN’s industrial partners allows us to access innovative projects from the academic world and to follow the development of ideas of interest which, well-supported, will ultimately lead to the development of innovations. essential for the pharmaceutical industry. By supporting oncology research through initiatives such as this partnership, we give projects the maximum opportunity to mature and reach patients.

Jérôme KRULIK, Medical Director PZIZER Oncologie France

Pierre Fabre makes Open Innovation a priority. In 2015, we launched the Pierre Fabre Fund for Innovation, which aims to support biotechs, start-ups or public or private research laboratories in their innovation process. It is therefore natural that our group seeks to intensify its interactions with the MATWIN program, whose objective is also to accelerate the availability of new oncology therapeutics by facilitating cooperation and the reconciliation of expertise.

Vincent SERRA, Executive Partner, Pierre Fabre Fund for Innovation

A network of associated partners

Since the construction of the program, MATWIN has developed a strong network of partners specifically involved in supporting innovation in oncology. Throughout the year, specific structures such as Cancéropôles, SIRICs, incubators, competitiveness clusters and technology transfer offices (Inserm Transfert, CNRS Innovation, SATT, etc.) help the MATWIN platform to identify projects with high transfer potential on the territory. They accompany and follow the projects throughout the MATWIN process, fully benefiting from experts feedback and therefore optimizing the project valorisation process. The value chain thus created by MATWIN benefits the entire ecosystem.