Accelerating programme

A support programme to boost project’s development

Depending on the selected support process (START or GROW), candidates will have access to a more or less developed process. The START process is detailed below. For the GROW one (3 months), the process will be reduced to a single coaching session and a possible interview by the MATWIN International Board.

MATWIN support is open throughout the year. Interested candidates (academic teams or start-ups) enroll in the program by submitting an application. The program is open to European applicants (Switzerland, UK, and Norway included)

START PROCESS (6 months) stages:

1/ Preselection pitch

2/ Coaching + mentoring sessions

3/ MATWIN Board interview

1/ Preselection pitch

Applications (Project Application Form) will be first validated internally to check their eligibility to the program after a discussion with project leaders.

Eligible applicants will then defend their project in front of a preselection jury of a dozen experts (Biotechs, academic and investors representatives) members of both MATWIN’s and PSCC’s networks.
For the START program, the pitch session will occur in November (in Paris or in video) as an oral pitch of 8-10 minutes followed by a discussion of 10 minutes max with the panel.

Each candidate will then receive a written report (1 page) drawn up by one of the jury experts summarizing the strengths and weaknesses of the project.

For the GROW program (3 months), candidates selected on the advice of the MATWIN Board will join the program (if selected) at the second coaching session (see below).


2/ Coaching & mentoring sessions

2 individual work sessions  and 1 mentotoring session are organized to optimize projects’ structuring / industrial orientation and their presentation. Technology transfer offices are associated and included in the process. They are invited to participate in every working session organized by MATWIN next to the project leaders to benefit from the feedback.

Driven by R&D experts consultants, members from MATWIN and PSCC networks, this first work session addresses the project’s background and allows optimizing its structure and industrial orientation.

This session aims at supporting candidates in their valorization approach and usually leads to a clear restructuration of the project.

Following this 1st session, the applicants receive a written feedback from the coaches listing their recommendations.

All the application files (START and GROW) are then sent to members of the International MATWIN Board who will choose alone the projects they wish to audition in May. If the project is selected, it benefits from the following session.

This second work session aims at preparing the project leader for the MATWIN International Board review strengthened by the 1st session contributions. Coaches bring their expertise to optimize the project presentation.

This session is in a real condition format (20 mn in English, with 2 coaches) to reflect the MATWIN Board interview. This last session is an opportunity to check that the previous recommendations have been considered.

Each selected project will be assigned a mentor member of the board and will have the opportunity for a video discussion (1 hour max) with its mentor before its audition in May in order to best prepare it for the points of attention of industrialists on the project.

3/ MATWIN Board interview

Selected applicants submit their projects in front of the MATWIN International Board. This unique in Europe committee auditions the projects and labels those with the highest industrial development transfer potential. This committee’s feedback represents a significant added value for the project development.

In addition, each year the Board participates in the QUICK PITCH session of MEET2WIN and reserves the right to select 1 to 2 complementary projects for a more in-depth presentation of the project on the same day.

Following the MATWIN Board meeting, a written summary of the Board main recommendations will be provided to the applicants as well as individual Board member’s feedback. The feedback of such unique committee is of significant added value for the development of the project. For academic teams, it may provide arguments for legitimating investment decision-making by supportive structures (TTOs, etc.).  

The PSCC will look carefully at the projects labeled by the MATWIN Board for possible support.

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