Challenge and unlock the full value of your oncology innovation !

MATWIN is an accelerator program aiming at maximizing innovation transfer potential exclusively on oncology. Relying on the existing national ecosystem (canceropoles, SIRIC, technology transfer offices, clusters etc.) and on Unicancer preclinical and clinical network, MATWIN identifies and supports high level oncology research projects with a high development potential. The provided support aims at optimizing the projects’ industrial attractiveness and at boosting its development.

Non-French European applicants* (academic or start-up) can apply if they can prove that they have collaboration with French partners (academic team or company).

To apply to MATWIN’s programme, project leaders have 2 possible processes. The principle: the most upstream the application is submitted the most developed MATWIN’s support is. Check both support processes details here.

  • Classic process (6 months): application possible until 10 November 2022 at the latest; file to be completed (downloadable below)

  • Fast-Track process (3 months): application possible until February 28, 2023; submit your presentation (5 slides max) with audio support.

You can access MATWIN’s expertise throughout the year (see “Our service offers” section) but to benefit from the support program for a possible hearing by the MATWIN Board in May 2023, the applications submission is expected by the deadlines indicated above.

*Candidates from Switzerland, UK and Norway can apply

To apply :

Carefully review the Call
for proposals document


Fill in the application form
(or submit your video if accelerated pathway)


Potential interest of the project will be first assessed by experts involved in the MATWIN process prior being submitted to the opinion of the MATWIN International Board members.

If selected, the project will then be offered an individualized coaching for its possible review by the International Board. Each step of the support pathway is selective; only the best projects will therefore ultimately have the opportunity to be presented to the MATWIN International Board.

At the end of their presentation to the MATWIN Board and on the decision of its members, the best projects will be awarded a label justifying the potential interest of the project.

Eligibility requirements :

  • Application should be based on an innovative R&D project and service offers (e.g. CRO services) will be automatically discarded

  • Original and innovative target or mechanism of action for a product / original marker or biomarker or technological approach (AI included) for a diagnostic test

  • Maturity: to integrate the programme, the project must introduce first scientific evidences demonstrating efficacy of the product (in vitro / in vivo proof of concept, demonstrated mechanism of action, Structure-Activity-Relationship, associated biomarker…) or of the diagnostic test (selectivity, specificity, impact on therapeutic options …);

  • Strength of intellectual property (if existing). An off-patent innovation may, however, be eligible if protection of the results is being considered

You can download all call for application details and see the FAQ online on this page.

Before submitting an application, it is essential to contact MATWIN to jointly assess the interest of the submission.

Program advantages :

  • Become familiar with market expectations by accessing the expertise of an international network of peers, pharmas / biotechs / investors

  • Optimize the industrial structuring of the project and enhance its development potential

  • Obtain development plan validation guidelines (clinical positioning, indications, milestones, etc.)

  • Become investor-ready while reducing their go-to-market risk

  • Increase the project’s, visibility and accelerate its promotion for the benefit of patients


Contact :
0033 5 35 54 19 36

Time left to apply: