MATWIN's Call for application

Unlock the full value of your oncology innovation !

MATWIN is an accelerator program aiming at challenging and maximizing innovation transfer potential exclusively on oncology. Through a support course over 3 or 6 months, candidates will have access to support through expertise, coaching/mentoring and a qualified network of partners likely to help them accelerate the development of their project. 

Since 2023, MATWIN is partnering with the Paris Saclay Cancer Cluster in order to increase the added value of the support offered through the program and capitalize on the synergies of the offers and networks of these two organizations.

The program is open to European candidates (academic team or start-up) developing an innovative R&D product or solution in oncology. Consult different support paths’ details below.

You can also access MATWIN’s expertise throughout the year (see “Tailor-made service offers” section)

START program (6 months)

application by October 31, 2024

Restricted to academic teams or young startups needing to optimize their project's strenght and having only preclinical results available before the regulatory tox for therapeutic innovations or ante validation / CE marking for diagnostic tests/medical devices

1/ Submit application

October 31, 2024

2/ Preselection pitch

November 2024

3/ Jury written review

December 2024

4/ 2 personalized coaching sessions + 1h Board mentoring

January-April 2025

5/ MATWIN International Board interview

May 2025

GROW program (3 months)

application by January 31, 2024

Restricted to startups with preclinical results of regulatory tox or a first clinical study (Phase 1)

for therapeutic innovations or a validated test for diagnostic tests

1/ Submit application then sent to MATWIN Board

January 31, 2025

2/ 1 personalized coaching session
+ 1h Board mentoring

March-April 2025

3/ MATWIN International Board interview

May 2025

Before applying, please read the MATWIN charter listing the rights and obligations of MATWIN and candidates

To apply

Read the Call for application text
Fill in the application form

Consult the FAQs in the text of the call for applications.

Before submitting any application, it is essential to contact MATWIN to jointly assess the opportunity.

Eligibility requirements

Program advantages

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