Following the success of previous calls for projects, the Amgen France Fund for Science and Humans is launching a fourth edition, endowed with €600,000 on the theme “from precision medicine to the optimization of the care pathway for an improved patient. Presentation.

The Amgen France Fund created in 2019 as part of the Amgen Innovations program demonstrates its commitment to advancing basic research in the service of patients affected by cancer, chronic inflammatory diseases and cardio-metabolic pathologies and to promoting applied research in innovation in health (in terms of data, artificial intelligence and digital technologies).

This commitment is reflected in a new call for projects which opens up to other therapeutic areas with the aim of offering the best chances to patients and integrates new committed, independent and volunteer members into its Scientific Committee.

New call for projects: fundamental research and technological innovation in health

For this new edition, the candidates have the choice between 2 fields of research which extend from the phases of fundamental research, to the accompaniment of the patient throughout his course of care, thanks to new technologies.

Theme 1: Fundamental research

  • Research axis 1 – Onco-hematology: Biomarkers: predicting the efficacy or toxicity of treatments in onco-hematology (Lung, Digestive, Prostate, Acute Leukemia, Myeloma)
  • Research axis 2 – Chronic inflammatory pathologies: Prognostic factors of evolution and predictive factors of response to treatment in inflammatory pathologies (atopic dermatitis, IBD, RIC)
  • Research axis 3 – Cardiology-Metabolism: Atheroma/plaque instability – Circulating and/or imaging biomarkers of vulnerable/unstable plaque and/or other methodology: factors with diagnostic or prognostic value

Theme 2: Innovation in health: Data / Artificial Intelligence (AI) / digital technology

  • Collection (or collection) and structuring of health data to improve the care pathway and quality of life of patients, in onco-hematology (lung, digestive, prostate, acute leukemia, myeloma), in pathologies inflammatory diseases (Atopic Dermatitis, IBD, RIC), and in Cardiology (Atheroma/plaque instability)

Applications are to be submitted until September 17, 2023 on the website The total endowment amounts to €600,000.