As part of their labeling, INCa has entrusted the Cancéropôles with the mission of encouraging the detection and emergence of new research projects, and allowing the consolidation of preliminary results in order to maximize their chances of success in calls for projects national or international.

This support for emergence is provided by Cancéropôle Est through an annual call for projects.

Nature of the expected projects

Typology of projects:

  • projects requiring short-term risk-taking to test new scientific hypotheses or research approaches,
  • pilot projects to validate the feasibility or methodology of a future research program,
  • projects aimed at consolidating preliminary results before filing to national calls for projects or patent applications.

This initiative is open to all scientific disciplines in oncology. Projects may be in the field of one of the priority themes of the Cancéropôle Est:

  • A – Epidemiology, Public Health, Human and Social Sciences
  • B – Preclinical and Translational Research (biomarkers, imaging, early clinical trials, model systems)
  • C – Viral Infections and Cancer
  • D – Immunity and Cancer

Will be particularly encouraged the projects of scientific and / or technological breakthroughs (new and original approaches), multidisciplinary, as well as those with a component “Humanities and Social Sciences, Epidemiology, Public Health”.

Projects should clearly demonstrate the emerging and innovative character. They will have to show the expected impact (limiting step to be taken, leverage effect of the financed part), and indicate the continuation envisaged in the event of success, the objective being to develop a project which will be subjected to a call for projects of more huge proportion.

Are not eligible in this support to emergence:

Larger projects requiring greater funding from several teams at the inter-regional level, projects aiming to set up and pool platforms. For such projects, you are encouraged to contact the Cancéropôle Est coordination for appropriate support.

In addition, projects that are the result of research already undertaken within the team can not be selected, projects expected to correspond to a new idea.

Concerned public

The call for projects is open exclusively to teams from the East region (Greater East Region and Burgundy-Franche-Comté Region). It concerns the entire scientific community, with a priority for young teams and young researchers.

Projects can involve 1 or 2 teams. Platforms and technical platforms will be able to participate as technological support. The Cancéropôle Est provides teams with a list of existing platforms in the Eastern region that can contribute to cancer research projects.


The budget support for selected projects will be 20 k € maximum per project for 12 months. The funds will be allocated by the Cancéropôle Est. Projects must be ready to start as soon as funding is awarded, and be completed within one year of signing the agreement.

The grant will be able to finance operations and various consumables, small equipment, missions, services. Staff costs are eligible within certain limits (internship bonuses in particular) and should not represent most of the requested budget.

How to apply

The application file should follow the dedicated form and should include: the administrative and scientific presentation of the bearer, the summary and description of the project, the emergence / feasibility / prospects argument, and the budget.

Online submission before March 26, 2018.

The results will be communicated to the teams before mid-July 2018 and the funds paid in the wake.

Download the text of the call for projects

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