DGOS launched the 2018 campaign for research projects on care and the provision of care. The section dedicated to the Translational Cancer Research Program (PRT-K) is entrusted to INCa. Deadline for the letter of intent: 13/03/2018; complete files: September 10th.

Translational research evaluates the transferability into clinical research of an innovative concept identified during basic and cognitive research: it defines the scope of the translational research program.

Applied to the field of oncology, projects can cover the following research themes:

  • research helping to understand biological mechanisms from clinical and epidemiological observations (bed to bench)
  • research aimed at improving prevention
  • research supporting screening, early detection, diagnosis and prognosis
  • research helping decision making and therapeutic follow-up
  • research enabling the development of new therapeutic strategies

All the information: http://www.e-cancer.fr/Institut-national-du-cancer/Appels-a-projets/Appels-a-projets-en-cours/PRT-K-2018