The Fondation de France supports basic and translational research on the study of resistance to cancer treatments, in the context of hematological malignancies or solid tumors.

A clear and detailed argumentation on the relevance and appropriateness of the project to the topic of resistance to treatments, should be provided.

The aid granted will only concern post-doctoral grants (up to a maximum of € 120 000 for two years), to which will be added an operating grant (up to a maximum of € 50 000 for two years) dedicated exclusively to the reception of the postdoctoral researcher and intended to improve the conditions of realization of his research work.


Applications for post-doctoral grants, lasting one or two years, will concern:

  • support for hosting postdoctoral researchers in France;
  • return assistance to France;
  • Some mobility grants abroad will be considered, for a maximum duration of twelve months, to initiate the mobility of candidates. These scholarships will not be accompanied by operating grants.

The committee will pay particular attention to the mobility of candidates, both geographical and thematic, between the thesis and the post-doctorate and / or between the various post-doctoral internships.

Please note, applications are now exclusively online before April 4, 2018 before midnight, on, under Find a Financing.

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We have put in place a new application tool. We strongly recommend that candidates create their profiles very quickly and anticipate as much as possible the management of administrative information related to their structure.
They will then be able to access the content of the grant application file at any time.

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