Janssen Horizon, a fund for health innovation, funds the projects of researchers working in France in translational research and the human and social sciences in health. After a first call for projects on the theme “Artificial Intelligence and Diseases”, Janssen Horizon is launching from January 15th to March 15th 2018 a new call for projects on “Anomalies of the intestinal microbiota or dysbiosis, evaluation mechanisms, consequences on emergence of chronic diseases, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches “.

The submitted projects will have to study:
1) the development of stratification and monitoring tools;
2) identification of original targets and new drugs from the microbiome as part of our supra-genome;
3) exploitation of the microbiota as a therapeutic target that can be modulated and finally
4) as a source of live biotherapeutics or adjuvants.

Find all the information on this call for projects on the dedicated website: https://www.janssenhorizon.org/appel-a-projet/anomaly-of-microbiota-intestinal-consequences-on-the-emergence-of-chronic-maladies#