As part of its mission to raise awareness and development of business creation, Cancer Campus launched in 2014 “OncoEntrepreneur”. Specific and unique program at the national level for future entrepreneurs in oncology.

Training and tailor-made support are set up for start-up projects in biotech, medtech and e-health.

Patents from academic research are offered on a collaborative platform dedicated to participants. Thus they can also form multidisciplinary and complementary teams.

Who is the program for?

Cancer Campus started from the observation that doctoral students and young graduates represented a population more and more eager to undertake.

 The offer of the OncoEntrepreneur program

The OncoEntrepreneur program accompanies a selection of project leaders from the early stages of the creation of their business to the first fundraising. Project holders will benefit from:

  • Masterclasses presenting the key points of business creation (intellectual property, business model, financing …) as well as the specificities of health issues.
  • Personalized appointments with experts in business creation.
  • A coach trains the project leaders to speak.
  • Meeting with business angels and investors in venture capital.
  • Accommodation in the Innovation Hub of Villejuif Biopark (hotel and business incubator) or Creative Center Creative Valley network.
  • Connected with the Cancer Campus network and Gustave Roussy. Connection and advice by clinicians, health professionals, patient associations, e-health actors.

How to participate in the program?

Where to submit your application? : The application is made by email to the following address:

We will then contact you to finalize your application. Our platform is the essential tool and stimulates multidisciplinarity around innovation to find partners.

The next applications are to be submitted before September 15, 2019.

The application will be evaluated by a committee of expert juries on the platform. You will then be pitcher before the committee that will select the best projects. If your project is selected you will receive the OncoEntrepreneur label.

All the information: