As part of its ongoing precision medicine activities, the objective of Fondation ARC in 2018 is to
contribute to the implementation of a patient treatment taking into account his/her tumour
abnormalities but also his/her immunological specificities.

As part of its scientific strategy, the ambition of Fondation ARC is to accelerate the safe deployment of immunotherapies throughout France and its overseas territories for more indications and more patients (including paediatric and geriatric populations).

Fondation ARC thus wishes to mobilise French expertise around original, ambitious and innovative projects on the complex questions relating to the identification and/or validation of immunotherapy signatures by capitalising on the samples and data that are already available. With this in mind, Fondation ARC has launched a specific call for projects. After a first edition in 2018, the call for projects is repeated in 2019 and will be repeated in 2020.

The objective of this CFP is to support innovative research projects in the field of immunotherapy aimed at the identification of signatures that will assist in guiding treatment decisions and in improving the selection of patients who are likely to benefit from those treatments.

In the context of this CFP, the notion of signature is understood to mean an indicator or combination of several indicators (clinical, biological, immunological, genetic, epigenetic, anatomopathological, medical imaging, etc.) making it possible to predict the response of a tumour to the immunotherapy under investigation and to accompany the therapeutic decisionmaking.

Scope of the CFP

This CFP is based on translational research projects meeting the following criteria:

  • Projects applied to patients treated with immunotherap(y/ies), except cell therapy:

-> in monotherapy;
-> in combination: between immunotherapies or with other treatments (radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc.). The projects analysing chemotherapy/immunotherapy combinations must be based on a randomized study design.

  • Immunotherapy(ies) for the indications in which:

-> Phase III clinical trials are ongoing or provided proof of efficacy of the treatment
-> A FDA approval was obtained

  • prospective or retrospective projects;
  • projects analysing:

-> biological samples already collected and/or being collected;
-> data and/or databases already available.

Timetable of the CFP

  • Launch of call for projects : 16/11/2018
  • Return of complete packages : 04/03/2019 midday
  • Examination of projects by an international ad-hoc committee of Fondation Arc : Beginning of May 2019
  • Return of modified packages as recommended by the ad-hoc committee of Fondation ARC : midMay 2019
  • Selection by the Scientific Board of Fondation ARC : May 2019
  • Decision by the Board of Directors of Fondation ARC : June 2019
  • Notification of results : June 2019


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