In September 2019, the Paris Committee of the league Against Cancer will award the ‘Prix René and Andrée Duquesne’. This prestigious prize of € 75,000 will be awarded for the twelfth time in 2019 to a researcher or a team whose work has either led to a major breakthrough or is particularly promising in the field of oncology. At the same time, a prize of the same amount will be awarded by the Institut Pasteur, also a legatee of Mrs Duquesne, for work in other areas of medical and biological research.

The application file will consist of the following documents :

– letter of sponsorship by a scientific personality;

– complete curriculum vitae of all the candidates concerned;

– line-up;

– name and address of the managing body to which the candidate (s) depends;

– description of the work and scientific progress motivating the application;

– list of the most significant publications in oncology research.

to send by e-mail ( in the form of a single pdf file and mail in 2 copies to the Paris Committee of the League Against Cancer Price Duquesne 89 Blanqui Boulevard 75013 PARIS.


February 29, 2019

All information and submit his project :