The Bristol-Myers Squibb Corporate Foundation for Immuno-Oncology Research (hereinafter the BMS Foundation), aims to promote or assist nonprofit and exemplary nonprofit initiatives in the field of health and more particularly :

  • the development of general scientific and philanthropic works in the service of the patient in the field of immuno-oncology,
  • caring for and caring for people with cancer and their environment, with particular emphasis on pediatrics, setting up adapted care structures for children and their parents / families,
  • Immuno-oncology research, including research into the quality of life and support of people with cancer, cancer control.

In this context, the BMS Foundation launches a Call for Projects to support research in immuno-oncology in the following research areas:

  • Fondamental research ;
  • Clinical and Translational Research;
  • Research in Public Health and Care Pathways;
  • Onco-pediatrics research.

Holders of projects wishing to apply for this BMS Foundation Call for Projects 2018 will, in particular, have to fulfill the cumulative criteria listed below:

  • the project leader must be either a health professional or a researcher working in France, in a French hospital, or a French public research or higher education institution, or a French non-profit organization pursuing a similar purpose to the BMS Foundation;
  • the project must participate in the development of immuno-oncology knowledge and / or improve the management of patients treated with immunotherapy;
  • the project objective must be non-profit; and
  • the research must take place in France.

The application file must be downloaded via the following link:

Applications must be sent by email to by September 30th 2018 (midnight, deadline).

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