Support for basic research in oncology, initiated by the investigators, is a priority of the National Cancer Institute to promote the production of new knowledge and promote a competitive positioning of French research teams.
The call for free projects “Biology and Cancer Sciences” aims to:
• Allow the realization of original projects, in their objects and their approaches, ambitious and achievable in their objectives;
• Strengthen multidisciplinary scientific research by involving biomedical teams with partner teams from other scientific disciplines;
• Stimulate research on emerging and innovative topics to open new perspectives in our understanding of cancer.

The call for free projects “Biology and Cancer Sciences” is open to all areas of research in fundamental biology and scientific disciplines involved in the fight against cancer to enable the acquisition of new knowledge on pathologies to develop new tools and open up new therapeutic perspectives.
Submission of projects with disciplinary contributions other than biology is strongly encouraged. The biological part must be significantly developed and relevant.

The selection of projects will take place in two stages:

  1. Letter of Intent – Deadline for submission October 25, 2018
  2. Preselected Project Files Only – Deadline for submission March 28, 2019

All information: