You have developed an innovation that brings a major breakthrough for the life and health of patients?

  • An innovative MEDICINE?
  • An unprecedented MEDICAL DEVICE?
  • A PATIENT ACCOMPANIMENT program that stands out?
  • A RESEARCH WORK that significantly advances medicine?

Compete in one of the 4 prizes of the Galien Prize by submitting your file before May 31, 2019

The Galien Award recognizes outstanding, recent and publicly available health innovations (all therapeutics) as well as leading research and patient support programs.

While the prestige of the Galien Award has grown over the years, it is thanks to the members of the various committees who have eminent experts and specialists in each category. With their choice of laureates, they have faithfully reflected the therapeutic movement in France and showcased the innovations and the most successful teams. The reputation of the members of the jury, their scientific rigor, their independence, made it possible to affirm the institutional character of the Galien Prize. The Galien Awards Ceremony traditionally benefits from the High Patronage of the Head of State.

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