The ANR launches its generic call for projects for the year 2018 (AAPG 2018). It is open to all scientific disciplines and all types of research, from the most basic projects to applied research carried out in the context of partnerships with companies, particularly SMEs and very small companies.

AAPG 2018 is the main “Research and Innovation” component of the Simplified Action Plan 2018 (link); it is structured into research axes.

  • 36 lines of research are presented in the context of the 9 societal challenges *
  • 3 axes are presented outside the framework of the challenges, in support of certain fundamental disciplines
  • 8 lines of research are interdisciplinary, corresponding to transversal issues located at the crossroads of several challenges (Axes “interdefense”).
  • Each axis corresponds to a Scientific Evaluation Committee (CES).

For a better disciplinary and transdisciplinary identification, in adequacy with the challenges, the project leader chooses his axis of research which corresponds to a scientific evaluation committee (CES).