Following the 7th edition of MEET2WIN, our European Partnering Convention dedicated to the fight against cancer that took place on May 12 & 13 in Bordeaux France, we are glad to announce the various laureates of the pitches sessions that were showcased during the event.

The 3 first laureates were selected by the MATWIN International Board. This committee, unique of its kind in Europe, brings together around 20 key decision-makers in global oncology R&D from the MATWIN partner laboratories*, as well as experts and academic opinion leaders from the biggest cancer research centers in Europe.
Among the eleven preselected projects, three were singled out for special awards by the MATWIN board, based on their relevance from a medical perspective and their future development potential.

  • ‘Best therapeutic innovation’- Smart Immune : The French Biotech develops the first cell therapy based on a thymus education which enables T cell reconstitution in a safe, rapid, effective, and durable manner. These cells, so called ProTcellTM, can be genetically modified and armed to specifically target tumor cells after the step of maturation in the thymus.

  • ‘Best technological innovation’ – MPC Therapeutics : the company has been founded on the belief that mitochondria, small organelles at the core of the cell’s metabolism, represent untapped therapeutic targets. Headquartered in Switzerland, the startup is focused on cellular rejuvenation reprogramming to improve the performance of T cell therapies and treat degenerative pathologies.
  • ‘Best translational innovation’ – ORAKL : Business creation project led by Dr Fanny Jaulin at Gustave Roussy, ORAKL is based on the development of functional in vitro diagnostic tests, generically called “organograms”, predicting drug responses for each cancer patient. They are based on robust biological avatars: patient-derived organoids, i.e. 3D cell clusters from tumour biopsies cultured ex vivo. They will improve patient’s survival and reduce the toxicity and cost of non-efficient treatments.

The other projects selected and auditioned by the international board MATWIN 2022 are:

  • Everimmune : develops Oncobax® AK, a live biotherapeutic product (LBP) for oral administration to be used as an adjuvant of cancer immunotherapy in patients with NSCLC & RCC resistant to ICBs
  • Inatherys : currently in Phase I in relapsing/resistant acute leukemic patients with strong preclinical data also in solid tumors, INA03 is an antibody-drug conjugate against the transferrin receptor (CD71) targeting cancer cells
  • Biodena Care : develops a First-in-Class antibody-based therapy targeting hPG80 combined with a companion test.
  • Torskal : Using gold nanoparticles, Torskal develops plasmonic nanophototherapy for the treatment of surface cancers.
  • Anagenesis : as a candidate for the treatment of rhabdomyosarcoma, the compound is a dual kinase inhibitor promoting muscle progenitor differentiation and showing anti-tumoral and anti-metastatic activities.

All candidates received upfront six months support in the MATWIN accelerator, profiting from the high added-value recommendations offered by around 50 experts, coaches and industry decision-makers that support the MATWIN initiative. This represents a huge benefit for the projects, in many cases opening new doors for them with international visibility and chances to boost development.

“MATWIN has proven to be decisive for a biotech like TOLLYS; it has boosted our image and increased our industry and investors contacts. It has also enabled us to get feedback from real experts – similar to a due diligence role. Icing on the cake is that one year after our presentation to the MATWIN board, we initiated a research collaboration with one of the program partners!” reports Vincent Charlon, CEO of TOLLYS.

Within MEET2WIN, other pitches sessions highlighted several laureates.

  • The investors jury OUI Oncology Upward Investment gathering around 15 venture capital funds willing to support the growth of young European companies looking for fundraising thus rewarded Smart Immune and One-Carbon Therapeutics companies for their development potential.
  • The QUICK PITCH jury gathering both MATWIN Board members and the entire MEET2WIN audience highlighted the projects VALANX Biotech and OKOMERA.

MEET2WIN also hosted for the first time this year the OncoSTART Summit, a satellite event supported by the French Tech Community Fund, dedicated to showcasing entrepreneurial projects in oncology, one year after the creation of the OncoSTART consortium. Coordinated by MATWIN, the consortium brings together 12 experts in cancer research and innovation willing to boost oncology entrepreneurship (Comprehensive Cancer Centers, cancer clusters, carnot institutes, biocluster, accelerator, etc.). During this event, a project presentation session was organized
highlighting various winners.

  • The OncoSTART Showcase jury rewarded the following business creation projects applied to the fight against cancer:

– “Innovative business creation” – awarded by la French Tech to the ORAKL project led by Fanny Jaulin and Diane-Laure Pagès (Gustave Roussy)

– “Medical Challenge” – awarded by the ARC Foundation to the “GALENT” project led by Didier Dubreuil (CEISAM laboratory; Nantes University)
– “Patients – Better care” – awarded by Expertise Patient to the PROSTPERIA project led by Nicolas Martelin.

All in all, ten winners were rewarded during a particularly rich program for this 7th edition of MEET2WIN. A new successful operation for MATWIN with more than 300 European participants meeting in person in Bordeaux, 1,000 face-to-face meetings organized over the 2 days, 38 project pitches, 25 speakers, all complemented by conferences, thematic workshops and forums on the partnership strategy of major pharmaceutical groups.